It’s All About Helping People

Emergency Medical Form website streamlines emergency information from patients to first responders in case of an emergency. Alternatively to the website, there is the magnetic packet/ paper form that you fill out and place on the fridge.

Our Story

Emergency Medical Form was developed by a firefighter/ paramedic. During every emergency medical call, first responders need information regarding medical history, medications, allergies and contact data. Understanding the real-world challenges this presents for first responders, it was realized that there had to be a better way to get life-saving information from patients. The idea is to provide an easy way for people to fill out their emergency information well in advance and allow first responders access through a website. Today, Emergency Medical Form offers a powerful answer to this common problem.

What is the Emergency Medical Form?

Emergency Medical Form (EMF) makes it easy for paramedics and the public to work together. EMF is a website that contains a simple form to help you provide, store and share information. It is comprised of the most common medical questions asked in the event of an emergency. Once you fill out a form, it remains securely in our system. Paramedics can easily access it when needed to provide efficient and quality medical treatment for you or your loved ones. You can add forms under your account to ensure that your family and friends are always ready in emergency situations. EMF allows you to add attachments like medical records, vitals signs, EKG's and more. Edit and update it anytime to guarantee your information is current and accurate. It's an all-in-one tool to help you prepare before an emergency strikes.

Our Mission

We hope to raise awareness about medical emergencies and how easy it is to be prepared with EMF. Our mission to get your information into the hands of first responders before or while they arrive on scene. This saves time when every second counts.

Our Promise to You

Whether or not you call 911 or go to the hospital emergency room, we promise EMF will be a valuable tool for you and health care providers.

Our Values

Above all else, we value your time and your life. We keep our team moving forward by focusing on innovation and updates to EMF. Security measures are in place to make sure that your information is kept safe and secure when not in use. When needed, health care providers can access your information quickly and easily.

Why Use EMF?

During a medical emergency, you often don't have the time or ability to answer questions, let alone go through your medical history and medications. EMF eliminates this problem in life-threatening situations. Our straightforward tool asks the same questions an emergency professional would need to know in a real-life situation. In medical emergencies, every second counts and there's no room for questions that could have already been answered. EMF eliminates worrying about "what if I can't respond in a medical emergency" and can speak for you or your loved ones when it's needed the most. Save time, Save life, with the Emergency Medical Form.