How it Works

Emergency Medical Form (EMF) website is a free service provided to the public and first responders.

For Individual and Family Use

You can either fill out your information on the website or use the magnetic packet/ paper form. You are in control with what you want to share. The form is a guide to help you prepare your information. Once your form is saved on the website, simply log in anytime you wish to edit, update or access your form or forms. You can add as many forms under your profile such as for family members.

We encourage you to use the magnetic packet/ paper form as a backup for first responders who are not yet aware of the EMF system. Place the magnetic packet/ paper form on the fridge or safe location, ready for use in case of emergency.

For Health Care Providers & Agencies

This version of the EMF website is available for agencies and health care providers. Ambulance services and fire departments can benefit from the use of this website to minimize the time spent on scene, improve the quality of care provided and in patient care reporting.

An agency (Fire Department, Ambulance service, Hospital) must first register and go through a verification process to use the EMF website. An agency can then give access to their employees such as EMT's, paramedics, nurses, doctors, dispatchers or health care providers.

After gaining access, health care providers will have access to our database of EMF. They can search and access the medical form of the patient they are responding to, either before or while on scene. This system also enables professionals to forward forms with their patient information across the network, such as between the dispatcher and first responder to the receiving hospital.

EMF—The Lifesaving App

When lives are on the line, whether your own or of those people you're trying to save, patient information is of paramount importance. You shouldn't have to waste time trying to get information that could have already been provided. By using our system, together we can help make the world a safer place.